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Analysis of donation and/or usufruct on real estate and/or corporate holdings and related tax matters

Writing of wills and/or corporate documents

Legal advice in property sharing, and judicial and extrajudicial probate proceedings

Legal advice on the matrimonial property scheme and related issues, including drafting of prenuptial agreements, contracts of stable union, termination agreements, institution of homestead exemption and contracts of coexistence

Matters related to the interdiction, drafting of notarial minutes or deeds related to a potential disability situation

Matters related to family law and succession require from the advisor abilities beyond deep technical legal knowledge, including specific negotiation skills to be employed to the benefit of the family and the preservation of its wealth

Nantes Mello advises its clients in the prevention and resolution of family conflicts, focusing on protection of the family and its assets, and aiming to devise solutions that safeguard legal certainty and strategic management of the interests of its clients. Our Wealth Management, Family and Succession Practice includes the following services:

> Structuring and legal and strategic counseling in estate and succession planning and in actions that involve a family’s wealth


Corporate reorganizations for succession purposes, contemplating the reorganization of assets aiming at gaining tax efficiency

> Formation of companies, vehicles and/or investment funds that invest in real property or operating companies (holding companies), in Brazil and/or abroad

Counseling on corporate general matters and corporate governance affairs

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