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When clients of our firm search for funds to scale their businesses, it becomes necessary to assess which are the right sources of finance and optimize the clients’ potential for raising capital. Our team is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and angel and venture capital funds, corporate venture strategic investors and other investors with their financing transactions.

We use our extensive network of angel, venture and corporate investors to connect clients to capital and provide substantial advice that goes beyond what is written in the contracts, providing input in business model issues, fundraising strategy, and development of quality investor materials suitable for a meaningful evaluation.

Our Startups practice regularly advises companies through every stage of their evolution and on the full spectrum of their legal issues. The members of our team have represented entrepreneurs and emerging companies as well as venture capital companies and other investors that finance them.  


Having been on both sides of deals, we understand the issues that startups face. Drawing on our experience with a diverse group of industries, we are able to provide practical and economically sensible advice to startups and high-growth companies, taking an interdisciplinary approach by offering expertise in such vital areas as Corporate Governance, Financing, Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Tax.

As part of our commitment to the success of our emerging clients, Nantes Mello offers to its startup clients the option to subscribe to our Startup Program. After an initial free consultation to assess a company’s specific legal needs, our team will prepare a customized package of legal services that meets the clients’ needs. The Startup Program is designed to help startups and entrepreneurs by allowing them to focus on growing the business, while having a “Virtual General Counsel”, with a single point of accountability for all their legal needs.


Crowdfunding holds out the promise of revolutionizing how funds for projects or businesses are raised before the investing community. Addressing the complexities of this emerging method of raising capital requires experience in multiple disciplines, including securities, financial services and e-commerce. Our firm has developed great expertise in the regulatory framework for equity crowdfunding offers laid out in 2017 by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

Nantes Mello offers advice on a wide range of crowdfunding legal issues, including structuring equity crowdfunding public offerings, compliance and licensing requirements, and the assessment and regularization of pre-money corporate documents and investment agreements. We also provide legal advice on offers of non-equity crowdfunding, such as the ones from platforms that offer donation, and/or rewards.

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